puff & pao

“stuff you won’t find anywhere else”

About the Cream Puffs

Perfect for an indulgent breakfast treat, a mid-afternoon snack with coffee or a distinctive dessert for your dinner party, the cream puffs have been modified from both the original European pastry and the more recent Asian products. More like a crispy brioche, the shell is slightly thicker than a traditional cream puff, but has a fragrant buttery sweet scent and flavor. Unlike the traditional European puff, it has been crafted with a more flavorful, more substantial texture to make for easy “street food” eating as it doesn’t get soggy from the cream.

Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, the puffs are made fresh every day. The store also bakes sugar-free versions made with Splenda.

Piped to Order

Customers receive fresh puffs that are piped to order with flavored fillings of their choice.

Vanilla Maple, Dark Chocolate, Mocha
Classic Pastry Cream
Sugar-free Vanilla, Sugar-free Dark Chocolate

About the Paolitos

Paos, short for “paolito”, these unique cheese breads are based on the hugely popular traditional Brazilian snack, pao de queijo (literally, bread of cheese). Our paolitos are crisper, less oily, lighter, and have more of a cheese-packed flavor. Made with gluten-free manioc flour and either New York cheddar cheese or European farm house cheese blended with Grana Padano, the texture is unique – dense with a crisp outer crust and a chewy center that is permeated with the fragrant aroma and flavor of the cheese.

In the morning, the paolitos can be eaten on their own or made into a breakfast sandwich – sliced horizontally and filled with scrambled eggs and market fresh fillings. For lunch, the bread can be stuffed with a choice of the salad offerings of the day for an on-the-go sandwich.

Classic (made with NY Cheddar)
Specialty (made with Farmhouse/GranPadano)
Cracked Pepper
Sweet Maui Onion
Green Onion
Fig & Walnut

About the Almond Friand

Our third specialty baked good is the almond friand, a pastry similar to a muffin. Our friands are made primarily from almond meal, with added butter, sugar, egg whites and flour. In addition to the rich almond taste, there are also hints of lemon throughout the pastry.